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Food Photography Props For Beginners

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As a beginner, everyone struggles to choose the props and backdrops. We get lots of request from beginners to guid them with backdrops and props. So, here is a basic food photography beginner prop kit that will work for each and every setup.

  • Wooden Backdrops
  • Printed Backdrops
  • Wooden Props – styling board
  • Napkins
  • Matte finish ceramic ware
  • Cutlery

Backdrops are a surface where you are going to build a food scene. When you are starting food photography as a career, it’s very important that you have a budget to invest in backdrops. Backdrops can make or break the scene. So as a beginner, it’s always better to start with neutral colour backdrops. There are different types of backdrops like vinyl print, canvas hand painted and wooden.

Wooden Backdrops:

Wooden Backdrops are one of the best investment that you can use in any type of styling. For example, when you set up a bright photography scene, you can use white or cream or pink colour wooden planks. When you are setting up a dark moody scene, you can choose natural rustic wood colours or black or any other dark colours. Especially, for this purpose we are having double sided planks, one side can be bright colour and other can be dark colour. We can customize the design if you have any particular requirements.


Printed Backdrops:

If you are starting your food photography with less budget, then this is a go to option. These printed backdrops are just perfect for any type of photography. It’s flexible to roll and easy to carry anywhere. Also, easy to use as well as to clean. We have a range of printed backdrops for all kinds of bright airy and dark moody photography. Either you are a flat-lay lifestyle photography or a professional food photographer, you get a wide range of choices to choose from.

Wooden Props:

Adding to the backdrops, wooden props are the second most required prop to add in your collection. There are a great number of ways you can use wooden props than you can imagine. One of the interesting way to use styling board is creating layers. When you are setting up a scene, you can create layers by placing food directly on the styling board. Styling Board with natural wooden backdrop is also a perfect fit when you want to create a food process shot. Every kitchen scene certainly has a board to cut something like fruits/vegetables. It just adds to frame. When we talk about wooden props, it’s not only about styling board there are some unique props like wooden trays, plates, bowls, racks, spice box and chairs. In each, we have few unique designs. We are best seller in racks and spice boxes.



When you feel that the scene is incomplete, just add a napkin. It adds some texture and softness to the frame and camera always loves textures. There are distinct ways you can place a napkin. Folding it in unique ways, let it flow as it is into the frame, hanging it to the backdrop, tying it with a skillet/pan. You can check our collection of napkins here.

Matte Finish Ceramic ware:

You may like shinny ceramics, but shin is one thing that has to be avoided in food photography. Because it just distracts the view from the main food, which is the hero of our frame. So matte finish ceramic wares are much needed. You can start with matte white/cream bowls, plates, mugs, mini side/dip bowls and mini plates. Based on the usage you can later add some unique colours. It’s always good to have sets in each, so that they go well together for a big scene setup. 

Metal Props:

Metal props are excellent addition to your prop collection. They can be used in a variety of ways, it can be used in bright airy photography or in rustic and vintage style. Metal props fit in very easily and gives a classy look to the photos. We have different shapes and sizes like round with handle, rectangle trays and so on.


Without which nothing can be served! Yes, cutlery is a mandatory prop to add in as a food photographer. They are mostly used in each and every scene. It’s good to have a variety of spoons, forks, knife and ladles. They can be easily added to any frame just like that, without any caution. We have a collection of cutlery, in case if you want to have a look. Hope you now have an idea about beginner prop collection.


If you require any customized backdrops or props, you can always get in touch with us! More interesting blogs coming up, stay tuned.

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